Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a crucial aspect of Cedrus Group Africa operations as we aim to integrate social and environmental concerns into our operations and increase our interactions with stakeholders. We believe in contributing positively to society and the environment while making decent profits.

In Q1 2024, Cedrus Group Africa embarked on a duo CSR activity of sponsoring the launch of a book and book donation to Public Schools within our Environ. The Book titled “Captain Excellence & The Amazing Dragon” is authored by Izehi Anuge, Founder/MD of “Shape A Child” Initiative. Our decision to partner with the writer was based on our interest in supporting entrepreneurs and contributing to the Society. The sponsorship afforded us the opportunity to donate the book to the younger generation, encouraging them to cultivate reading habits and aspire for greater heights. We visited two government schools - Air Forces Primary School and Government College, Victoria Island, Lagos to donate 100 copies of the book to the pupils during the World Book Day celebrated on 7 March 2024. This joint outing by some members of the CGA and Shape A Child team afforded us the opportunity to interact with pupils of the respective schools while donating the books to them.

The CSR event was a rewarding and value-adding tour as the pupils had fun and insight to the great book donated by Cedrus Group Africa to trigger their continuous reading and learning habit and to enhance their talents.

We look forward to embarking on more laudable initiative such as this in the nearest future as we reiterate our commitment to conduct business in an ethical and sustainable manner thereby contributing to society and the environment positively by our CSR Activities.

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