How Do I Apply For CERUS 5000 AFRICA SMEs?

Africans with scalable company ideas from all 54 African countries are welcome to apply to the CERUS 5000 AFRICA SMEs Program.

Is There An Age Limit?

The minimum age for applicants is 18, or the age at which they are no longer considered children in their country.

How Come I'm Not Allowed To Apply For The Program After Finishing The Application Process?

Candidates who don’t achieve the required score during the application process are ineligible to apply for the program.

Are there any limitations on the kinds of businesses or industries that can register?

Yes. Research institutes, faith-based organizations, trading firms that contribute value, government contractors, and corporations that are not established in Africa are not eligible for the program.


Businesses must not harm the environment, people’s lives, or property. Existing companies or business concepts must be for profit and must be the founders’ original creations.

Is There A Restriction On The Age Of My Business?

Yes. All businesses must be businesses with at least 1 year operation

What If I Run Multiple Early-Stage Businesses?

Your application can only be about one type of business. Pick the most innovative/feasible/best business concept you have.

Will My Start-Up Be Excluded If I Have A Relation/Family Member Who Works For CEDRUS GROUP AFRICA

Yes. Cedrus 5000 Africa SMES and affiliated businesses in the CEDRUS GROUP AFRICA do not accept applications from current employees or their families, either individually or as a team, for the Cedrus 5000 Africa SMES Programme.

Who Is Not Eligible To Participate In Cedrus 5000 Africa SMESProgramme?
  • Incomplete and incorrect applications.
  • Applications which contain illegal or unethical Businesses or Business Ideas.
How Do I Apply For The Cedrus 5000 Africa SMES Programme?

Interested applicants may register on www.cedrusgroupafrica/smes

Is There A Registration Fee To Be Paid Before Cedrus 5000 Africa SMES

Kindly note that the Cedrus 5000 Africa SMESProgramme is free for all applicants.

I Have applied Cedrus 5000 Africa SMESProgramme But No Confirmation Email Received

Kindly ensure to check your inbox, spam and junk mailboxes for confirmation emails. Be sure to send an email to for any further assistance. 

Can I Use A Student ID To Apply?

We are only able to admit government issued ID like NIN, PVC, Passport and Driver’s License.

What Is The Next Step After Applying for Cedrus 5000 Africa SMES?

Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive an email notifying you of your eligibility status for the Cedrus 5000 Africa SMES Programme.

I Have Two Ideas. Can I Submit Them Separately? 

Unfortunately, this is not allowed. Applicants are expected to apply with only one existing business or business idea.

I Want To Partner With Cedrus 5000 Africa SMEs

Kindly send an email to for further guidance.  

Who Can Access/View My information through Cedrus 5000 Africa SMES

The Cedrus 5000 Africa SMEs is a closed team. Only members in the SMEs team will be able to view your profile and contact you.

Will My Business’ Intellectual Property Be Protected?

All information submitted for Cedrus 5000 Africa SMES is considered safe and secure. Intellectual property shared in your application is completely confidential, and only shared amongst the Cedrus 5AS team who have signed confidentiality agreements.


Although Cedrus 5000 Africa SMES holds all participants in the program to the highest ethical standards, it is not responsible for any copyright violations or theft of intellectual property on the part of entrepreneurs. Any people discovered to have violated this rule will be disqualified.