At Cedrus, we value extraordinary people and unique insights. Every member of our team was hired based on this. Our company culture emphasizes the need for collaboration, diligence, innovation, experience, and service excellence. We have an assortment of gratifying and challenging career opportunities among our 3 subsidiaries. We guarantee a rewarding experience across all levels.

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Unparalleled career advancement opportunities

You get to work with and learn from some of the best minds in the financial market. Adding to this is your granted access to our clients, many of which are top firms or people in their respective industries.

Competitive remuneration packages

Apart from your basic monthly salary, we have several other employee benefits designed to add comfort to you so you can enjoy your work and maintain a healthy productive life.

Employee Training

Regardless of what you may learn on the job and from your experienced superiors, we still have regular knowledge-sharing sessions that help expose our teams to recent developments in the local and international financial markets. We believe that an updated workforce leads to a sufficient competitive advantage.

Upbeat Work Environment

Our work may not be the most exciting but we make sure to have fun while doing it. We believe that the more open a person is, the more ideas he/she can create.

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