Advisory FAQs

What do you do at Cedrus Capital Limited?

At Cedrus Capital Limited, we deliver innovative financial advisory solutions to our esteemed clients across Africa and in the diaspora. We fulfill our commitment to the clients by providing distinctive Advisory, Issuing House, Investment Management, Securities Trading and Wealth Management services.

We also offer tailor-made solutions to investors seeking strategic benefit hedge against unexpected movements in market or looking to solve their Cashflow needs and FX requirements and others.

Who are Cedrus Capital Limited potential clients?

Our potential clients include public institution seeking to raise capital or private businesses [including small and medium enterprises] operating within legal the framework and regulation.

Why should I use the services of Cedrus Capital Limited?

Firstly, our advisory expertise will provide independent and unbiased advice which will be trusted by lenders and investors.

Secondly, our network of investors will surely connect to your line of business with detailed information to meeting your financial goals.

How do you raise capital?

We raise capital through the following methods:

  1. Debt Capital Market
  2. Project and Infrastructural Finance
  3. Merger & Acquisition/Financial Advisory
  4. Syndication & Securitization
  5. Equity Capital Markets
How can I contact you at Cedrus Capital Limited?