Cedrus provides strategic advice, guidance and execution excellence for our clients’ transactions, loans and ownership matters, using the practical experience, expertise and deep analytical skills of our financial advisors. We support African individuals, governments, entities and organizations in making informed and value-maximizing financial decisions, bringing them closer to sustainable profitability and growth.

Our investment specialists provide cutting-edge solutions and support to assist our clients in accessing the private and public capital markets for equity and debt financing through IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), Rights Issue, and/or Corporate Bonds. We provide financial advisory and issuing house services to corporations on various capital-raising transactions including initial listings on stock exchanges, raising additional equity, and private/special placements by listed and unlisted companies.

Our project finance team comprises professionals who provide world-class solutions—be it a long-term infrastructure, public services, and industrial project. Cedrus offers a distinct edge in delivering successful project financing packages, and our innate ability to match the right project with the right professionals your project needs is superior.
We provide the project financing you need along with deal structuring advisory services that mitigate risk and aggressively protect your interests.

Our Merger and Acquisition (M&A) experts use their broad insights and experience to provide world-class execution capabilities for business combinations, divestitures, and acquisitions to corporate and private equity investors. We help our clients create suitable growth strategies through all stages of the M&A process based on their objectives, preparing them to take advantage of opportunities during the merger, acquisition, or divestiture process.


We offer our clients specially crafted investment solutions and opportunities based on a diversified portfolio by investing in global and domestic markets across multiple asset classes, including commodities, fixed income, money market, public and private equities, real estate, etc.

Our specialist portfolio management team utilizes comprehensive research in identifying and managing the right mix of investments to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our extensive techniques break down the complicated data of the local and international markets into understandable and personalized portfolio models based on our individual client risk appetite and investment horizon. We craft and manage diversified portfolios aimed at helping our clients achieve, maintain, and surpass their financial goals.

We provide access to our clients to invest in a variety of assets and funds. When you purchase mutual funds, your fund is combined with other investors with similar investment goals. These mutual funds have been specified to target certain objectives that fulfill the investment needs and time horizons of a broad range of clients. By diversifying your investments, mutual funds help to minimize possible investment risks.


We aim to meet our clients’ diverse financial needs by providing distinct, broad, and varying services that support their financial goals through wealth securitization and inter-generational wealth transfer.

Our experienced team of professionals applies their wealth of experience in various fields to develop diversified portfolios that best fit the returns, risk expectations, and maximization of our clients’ earnings.


We use our capital and balance sheet to engage in self-promoting financial transactions such as trading of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, or other instruments. These trades are usually speculative and are executed through a variety of derivatives or other complex investment vehicles. This gives us the advantage of increasing our annual returns by investing in direct market gain rather than earning commission dollars by trading on behalf of clients.


We combine our leading experts and their efficient structures to provide Trust Services, Public and Corporate bonds, Collective Investment Schemes as well as Debenture and Consortium Lending tailored to help our clients grow and manage their wealth. Our services have been designed to provide cutting-edge Legal and Trust structures.

We act as trustees to protect the interest of bondholders and their entitlements, Bonds, and Notes issued by the Federal, State, Local Governments, and Corporate institutions to ensure compliance with the Trust Deed, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rules, and the Investment and Securities Act, 2007.

We serve as an intermediary between the issuing company and the Debenture holders. In this capacity, we advise on security structures that will support affordable costs for our clients. We also hold the security over the Debenture on behalf of the Lenders.


We offer a varied suite of Estate Planning services designed to help our clients make effective and lasting estate planning arrangements for their families. These services provide exclusive, cost-effective, and comfortable estate planning arrangements that protect our clients and their families from unforeseeable circumstances and familial conflicts.

We provide top-class escrow and collateral services to secure all types of assets. We offer adaptable and tailored solutions to ensure a swift transaction conclusion for either simple or complex deals. We guarantee the safety and successful distribution of your funds/assets according to your agreed terms and conditions.